We have been on trail maintenance in March. Some of the way marks that had been damaged due to natural reasons or road constructions have been renewed. Extra attention was paid for The way marks in/out of villages/towns. 
In addition to this, we have made small changes in 2 routes. 
* Akyaka - Turnalı - The first 3 km's of the route has been changed due to increasing number of beehives on the previous route. 
* Taşlıca - Selimiye. The route arriving close to Bozburun used to follow an asphalt road for a short while. The trail now goes into Bozburun town centre on a pleasant and scenic path. Then follows another path at Germe Cove and meets with the previous route close to Selimiye. 
You can find the updated GPS coordinates on our Practical info Section.