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Carian Trail: A guide to walking routes in southwest Turkey

By Yunus Özdemir, Altay Özcan and Dean Livesley
Paperback, April 2013. First Edition
ISBN: 978-605-63825-1-2
Details: 186 colored pages
Dimensions: 12×22 cm
A 1/100.000 scale, full color map included
Price: 14.99 €


You can download the GPS coordinates for the whole trail in KML or GPX format.

Carian Trail: Bozburun Peninsula Walking and Travel Guide

A comprehensive guide to the nearly 150 kilometers of hiking route found on the scenic Bozburun Peninsula section of the Carian Trail in southwest Turkey. In addition to a car and bike-friendly travel guide detailing the region, the book features loads of information on running routes and alternative activities, as well as detailed information regarding the history, wildlife, and culture of the region. You’ll also find a tips and tricks helpful for first time hikers. We can safely say this is the most extensive travel guide you’ll find anywhere in Turkey.



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